Interview with Developer Ken Delf

Painted Boat developer Ken Delf is well known in Western Canada for his business acumen and for the tremendous success of Stonepine, a thriving Calgary-based luxury home community.

In the following interview, Ken offers insight into why he chose Painted Boat as his latest project. And, he answers any questions potential investors or visitors might have regarding this exceptional Sunshine Coast resort property.

Q. Describe for us, if you will, Painted Boat in a nutshell.

A. “Painted Boat is an intimate, upscale boutique-styled, water-front resort on the Sunshine Coast at Pender Harbour. As of now, there is no waterfront real estate on the Sunshine Coast that offers what we offer which is 31 exceptionally large, two bedroom/two full bath villas in a total of four buildings, all of which are designed and built to exacting standards.”

Q. Can you talk about the amenities at Painted Boat?

A. “We have THE RESTAURANT at Painted Boat. We also provide convention and exercise facilities, an infinity pool, an ocean-view hot tub and a well-protected, deep-water marina. What’s more, we’re conveniently located a short walk away from the Madeira Park Centre which offers excellent shopping. Our ‘calling card’ if you will is the west coast inspired, full-service spa facility, The SPA, which is the only one of its kind on the Sunshine Coast.”

Q. What distinguishes Painted Boat from other B.C. coast real estate projects?

A. “Again, we are the newest (even at 8 years old in 2015), most complete resort on the Sunshine Coast of BC. The draw is that we offer fully-equipped, waterfront villas, which are very high quality and the resort is so easily accessible by car only two hours from Vancouver. We also have expert, proven management who are in place to keep things running smoothly.”

Q. Tell us about the Sunshine Coast. Why would anyone want to invest in, or visit, a vacation property in this part of the world?

A. “The Sunshine Coast is one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. The opportunity to purchase or rent a four and a half star resort in this area is unbeatable. Painted Boat patrons have access not only to all of the amenities we offer but also to the terrific hiking, biking, kayaking, boating and fishing opportunities indigenous to the region. The artists’ community is second to none within British Columbia.”

Q. You’re a resident of Calgary. Have you personally invested in Painted Boat? Do you and your family continue to vacation at this uniquely Sunshine Coast resort yourselves?

A. “The site is so beautiful and so relaxing that my wife, who is also my business partner, and I purchased our own quarter share and will spend as much time there as possible. We find the whole atmosphere combined with the fresh air, the spa, and the restaurant and all of the accompanying amenities extremely restorative.”

Q. The economy is coming out of the downturn right now. What can you tell potential investors to convince them that being a permanent part of the Painted Boat community is worthwhile?

A. “I have always looked to the long-term in the world of real estate. Short-term market problems happen. But with recreational investments, you’re looking at the rest of your life. We offer a quarter ownership so we open up the market to people who couldn’t otherwise afford to have access to waterfront property of this calibre. Over time, real estate is the best investment there is. We encourage all interested parties to come and rent and see for themselves if Painted Boat is for them.”

Q. Fractional ownership? Sounds complicated and intimidating. Can you explain it further?

A. “Fractional ownership was developed in Whistler years ago and has spread to many a resort location in Canada and the U.S. This is not a time-share. You actually have title to the quarter share you buy it’s yours forever. Just as if it would be yours if you owned 100 per cent of the investment. Each owner will have access to personal lockers on the premises for their personal items. Essentially, if you own a quarter share, then for one quarter of every year, this property is yours to enjoy. According to statistics on vacation properties, most second homes are used an average of three months of the year. I believe people will find Painted Boat offers an exceptional deal.”

Q. Tell us about the feel of Painted Boat.

A. “We love this place for its perfect setting. It has an “On Golden Pond” feel. Families and couples love it. I don’t know of anyone who either owns or rents who has gone away not being absolutely enthralled. To walk a few minutes down to the wharf and pick up fresh caught crab and shrimp for dinner. To take in the area’s phenomenal sunsets with a glass of wine in hand. Well, it’s all very appealing.”

Q. Who will Painted Boat attract and why?

A. “We continue to attract those who wish to have a convenient place to get away to where they can relax in a quiet, beautiful setting with all of the benefits of home. Our villas are equal in quality to most of our investor’s primary residences so it’s very easy to stay for lengthy periods of time. Our investors to date (we’ve sold close to half the shares) include doctors, lawyers, dentists and business people who have recognized they can enjoy a million dollar property for a fraction of the cost. Painted Boat is a place where our investors and their families can build memories.”

Q. Give us a long-term impression of what Painted Boat will look like one day.

A. “We’ve already become an integral part of the Madeira Park, Pender Harbour area. Our restaurant, for one, has become a fast favourite with the locals. We participate in most area initiatives and we employ many people. We also work with other businesses to promote the area.”

Q. Talk to us, finally, about the kind of legacy you hope to leave as a prominent developer in the Canadian community.

A. “A good development, in my opinion, is one that is pleasing and enjoyable for those who use it. It’s also done with an awareness of what is good for the environment. In the case of Painted Boat, we have considered the environment in every decision we’ve made, creating what we believe to be an elegant and sustainable product. When developers are looking only to make the highest possible profit, this restricts the ability to deliver a good product. I’m confident that Painted Boat will stand on its own, creating its own legacy for those who choose to enjoy it, however they wish.”

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