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Ownership FAQs

Who are the owners at Painted Boat?

People very much like yourself; people who love what Painted Boat has to offer and who are looking for a true investment in lifestyle; the best of vacation home ownership, an affordable and hassle-free revenue generator along with personal use of a well-protected, deep water marina.

May I buy more than one quarter?

Of course. If you wish to enjoy more than 13 weeks annually, there is no reason why you can’t purchase two, three, or all four quarters. When you’re away from your vacation villa, you can rest comfortably knowing that it is being carefully managed for you. Owning all four quarters not only is the best value option it allows you to  come and go as you please – year round.

What amenities does Painted Boat have?

We are thrilled about the package we offer our visitors and our owners. Painted Boat features moorage for your boat in our marina, a charming waterfront restaurant featuring innovative coastal cuisine, an exceptional on-site, full-appointed spa (the only of its kind on the Sunshine Coast), and a fitness facility.

We are especially happy to offer you access to our infinity pool – which is located on a small, sun-kissed hill overlooking the resort’s marina and the southwestern shore of Gerrans Bay. Designed to mimic a naturally created rock pond, the pool is complemented by a neighbouring hot tub. In all, the perfect spot for an afternoon dip or a romantic moonlit swim.

Will I be able to finance my purchase?

With mortgage rates lower than at any time in the last 40 year it makes sense to buy now. Some lenders do not finance resort property but we do. Terms will vary on your circumstances.

Will I be able to place subjects on my offer to purchase at Painted Boat?

All offers must be free of any conditions, so subject to offers will not be accepted. After making an offer to purchase, potential owners have seven days to review all documentation with personal advisors after which you can either confirm interest in proceeding or ask for your deposit back. All deposits are held by Painted Boat’s attorney.

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Painted Boat Resort Spa & Marina
PO Box 153
12849 Lagoon Road
Madeira Park
British Columbia, Canada
V0N 2H0

Phone: 604-883-2456
Toll Free: 1-866-902-3955
Fax: 604-883-2122

Painted Boat is located just 2:45 hours from Vancouver / 3:30 hours from the USA border