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Ownership FAQs

Who are the owners at Painted Boat?

People very much like yourself; people who love what Painted Boat has to offer and who are looking for a true investment in lifestyle; the best of vacation home ownership, an affordable and hassle-free revenue generator along with personal use of a well-protected, deep water marina.

May I buy more than one quarter?

Of course. If you wish to enjoy more than 13 weeks annually, there is no reason why you can’t purchase two, three, or all four quarters. When you’re away from your vacation villa, you can rest comfortably knowing that it is being carefully managed for you. Owning all four quarters not only is the best value option, it allows you to  come and go as you please – year round.

What amenities does Painted Boat have?

We are thrilled about the package we offer our visitors and our owners. Painted Boat features moorage for your boat in our marina, a charming waterfront restaurant featuring innovative coastal cuisine, an exceptional on-site, full-appointed spa (the only of its kind on the Sunshine Coast), and a fitness facility.

We are especially happy to offer you access to our infinity pool – which is located on a small, sun-kissed hill overlooking the resort’s marina and the southwestern shore of Gerrans Bay. Designed to mimic a naturally created rock pond, the pool is complemented by a neighbouring hot tub. In all, the perfect spot for an afternoon dip or a romantic moonlit swim.

How much time do I get each year to use my Painted Boat property?

Each 1/4 share purchase provides you with 12-13 weeks each year pre-scheduled on a 5-year annual rotation, so you always know when your Owner time takes place.

Each year the resort takes one week to complete a “deep clean & service” to the units.  Each 1/4 share owner, on a rotational basis, gives up a week for this project.

Management contacts Owners twice a year to pre-book their personal time in advance.  If you choose to take advantage of the rental pool option, the Painted Boat Team then manages, on your behalf, the time you do not use.

What does my monthly Strata Maintenance Fee Cover?

Your monthly strata maintenance fee is all-inclusive, a great feature of the unique Painted Boat Resort Ownership structure.  It covers all property taxes,  utilities, hydro, gas, Internet, phone, cable, furnishings, linens, kitchen supplies, gas BBQ, and use of the gym, infinity pool and hot tub located onsite.

The Spa & Restaurant use is not included.  Owners of Painted Boat receive a special discount at the Spa (owners only).

What additional amenities are available at the Painted Boat Resort?

The Spa and Spa Garden offer personal “pampering services” in an amazing, one of a kind ultimate escape.  Please refer to the Spa section of the Painted Boat website for details and special promotions.

The Lagoon restaurant is open seasonally from Spring to Fall and on special holidays such as Christmas & New Years.  Enjoy waterfront dining at its best!  Please refer to the Dining page of the Painted Boat website for details and special promotions.

The Painted Boat Marina offers the additional option to visit and stay at the resort while securely mooring your watercraft.  Please refer to the Marina page of the Painted Boat website for details and costs.

How does the Painted Boat rental pool revenue work?

Each quarter any non-Owner rental of your quarter share is calculated and a statement with payment is sent to you, providing a full accounting of the activity.  The revenue is split on a 55% Owner/45% Painted Boat Resort basis.  Final payments account for taxes, booking charges and credit card charges.

What do I pay when I stay at my Painted Boat property?

When Owners use their quarter share during their scheduled times during the year, the only cost incurred is a final “turnover fee” that covers the cost of housekeeping cleaning and preparation of your unit for the next guest.  This cost ranges from $100 to $130, plus tax, based on the size of your unit.

Is there storage in my unit for personal items?

Yes, there is.  Each Villa provides Owners with two storage compartments, a small one located in the kitchen area, and a larger one located in the entry/hallway area.  There are four of each in the Villa for each quarter share Owner.  They are securely locked with your own personal keys.  These keys are held by the resort during your absence and given to you upon your arrival at reception.  These storage lockers are great for personal items and supplies, saving you the need to carry things back and forth on your trip.  These lockers are not accessible by non-Owner guests.

What about parking?

Each Villa has one designated covered parking stall.  In addition, there are guest parking areas in close proximity to each building.

There are also separate parking areas for the Spa, Restaurant and Reception.

Are there any restrictions to use?

Painted Boat is a NON-SMOKING property.  No smoking is permitted inside the Villas or on patios/decks.  Designated smoking areas are located on the grounds as marked.

Pets are restricted to Villas where all four quarter share Owners have agreed to allow their units to be “pet friendly”.  This option then pertains to both Owners and resort guests looking for “pet friendly” accommodation.

What financing options are available?

Due to lender restrictions on secondary homes and fractional ownership, most 1/4 share properties are cash purchases.  We suggest you investigate securing financing in advance with your preferred financial lender to avoid unexpected obstacles.  Many financial lenders will support HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit) type facilities to secure the necessary funding.

Love what I see so far; what are the next steps to purchase at Painted Boat Resort Spa and Marina?

Step 1:  

Contact our Painted Boat Real Estate Advisor for any further questions, and to receive detailed information on available units, resort layout, floor plans and pricing.

Step 2

You will require a licensed Real Estate professional (Realtor) to represent you during this transaction.  If you have your own preferred representative, that’s great.  If not, we have made special arrangements for a Sunshine Coast Buyers agent with experience and knowledge of the Painted Boat Resort to represent you throughout the process.

Step 3

Decide which unit and the number of 1/4 shares you wish to purchase.  Viewings of units are limited, so scheduled showings will be booked based on access availability.

Step 4

In cooperation with your designated agent, we provide you with all the confidential Painted Boat strata related documents for your review so you and your agent can prepare the required Contracts of Purchase for acceptance with specified completion & possession dates.  All Contracts of Purchase & Sale must be free of any subject or conditions.

Step 5

We welcome you to the Painted Boat community, let the fun begin!

Please note:  

The Painted Boat Resort is a very successful, top rated resort and, as a result, we experience many situations where access to the units – both before and after purchase – are restricted due to previously scheduled guest bookings.

We ask for your understanding and patience when considering advance viewings and upon completion of the purchasing process.

Looking To Purchase This Truly Unique Lifestyle Investment Property?

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