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The SPA at Painted Boat

SPA Hours

The SPA and SPA Garden is open 7 days per week, from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm daily.

Please call 604-883-2456 for reservations.

World-Class Spa Set in Natural Splendor

The SPA at Painted Boat delivers an ultimate escape, with world-class spa treatments in a setting of sea-side serenity at Pender Harbour on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia.

Our broad range of treatments are infused with the ocean’s bounty of mineral-rich seaweed and salts, refreshing you while boosting your immune system.

From picturesque views to organic décor, indoors blends into outdoors, all contributing to an environment of relaxation and healing.

Access to our lush, serene Spa Garden (see below) is complimentary with any of our spa treatments – be sure to bring your swimsuit (drying valet service available).

Cell phones are allowed, however they must be on silent. If it is necessary to speak with someone, we ask that you call them back outside of The SPA. Thank you for this consideration.

Spa Services Overview

Exfoliating Body Scrubs
Clay Wraps
Swedish Massage
Hot Stone Therapy
Deep Tissue Massage
RMT Therapeutic Massage

Couples Treatments

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Detoxify, Replenish, & Balance

Let us re-connect your body and mind with treatments that detoxify, replenish and balance, then enhance body and spirit as ocean breezes caress your skin. During the session, close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as completely as possible. Focus your attention on breathing slowly and deeply.

The SPA at Painted Boat takes you farther, beyond pampering and beneath the surface to a place of connection and surrender. Wisdom is the vital difference. Our highly accredited team is specially trained in the art of interpreting your body’s very personalized language. Each one is an expert in their area of holistic wellness.

Let us introduce you to a way that addresses you and your life as a whole, bringing your inner beauty outward and allowing a life of balance and health to unfold.

Spa Services & Rates

The Spa at Painted Boat is a wellness and relaxation spa. All our therapists are certified in the profession in which they practice. However, in British Columbia only services provided by a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) are recognized as a reimbursable medical plan expense – medical rebate receipts cannot be issued for services provided by certified therapists.

The Spa at Painted Boat has limited availability for RMT treatments. If you wish to be reimbursed for a treatment through your medical services plan, you must call The Spa directly at 604.883.9112 for availability and pricing. RMT appointments cannot be booked online, and any online requests for an RMT will not be honoured.

Please note that only Registered Massage Therapists are qualified to perform prenatal massage.

RMT Massage

$175 – 60 Min.
$225 – 90 Min.

There are tremendous benefits through regular massage treatments from our Registered Massage Therapists. Whether you need to reduce pain and tension, to improve circulation or lymphatic drainage, or increase joint mobility – or just need a moment of relaxation – our therapeutic RMT Massage will help ease your body back to its natural state of well-being.

Swedish Relaxation

$130 – 60 Min.
$180 – 90 Min.

The SPA’s classic Swedish Relaxation massage focuses on complete relaxation. This flowing full body massage is customized to meet your specific needs. Relax and let go of your stress and tension.

Hot & Cold Stone

$140 – 60 Min.
$190 – 90 Min.

Warm basalt stones induce deep relaxation and encourage the removal of cellular waste from the tissues. The warmth and fluid motion of the stones on the muscles increases the circulation of oxygen in the body, alleviating aches and relieving tension.

Deep Tissue

$140 – 60 Min.
$190 – 90 Min.

Isolated pressure and specific deep tissue fascia-release techniques are incorporated into this treatment, favoured by those looking to release tightness and reduce muscle pain. Your therapist customizes the treatment to address your body’s needs.

Reiki (upon request)

$135 – 60 Min.
$185 – 90 Min.

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is not massage nor is it based on belief or suggestion. It is a subtle and effective form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy. If one’s “life force energy” is low, then we are more likely to get sick or feel stress, and if it is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy.


$135 – 60 Min.
$185 – 90 Min.

Reflexology a non invasive application of pressure to areas on the feet, hands and ears. Treatments are customized to suit each client’s specific needs. Indulge and relax as our Reflexologist helps to relieve stress and tension.

Thai Herbal Compress

$195 – 90 Min.

Designed to relieve pain and inflammation; also aids upper respiratory ailments. A selection of therapeutic herbs, including prai, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass, are wrapped in a muslin compress, steamed and then applied to the body in gentle pressing, circular and rolling movements. The traditional Thai herbs used in these compresses has a relaxing and invigorating effect on the body and mind while giving the body’s energy reserves a huge boost.

Ocean Elements Facial

$140 – 60 Min.

This holistic, non-invasive facial brings forth the power of raw ocean healing elements for the ultimate re-balancing and beautifying experience. During the facial the skin is layered with specialized products containing mineral-rich, sustainable, hand harvested Pacific Seaweed and Canadian Glacial Clay, both from the Northern coastline of British Columbia. Combined with anti-oxidants, patented anti-aging actives, and pure essential oils, this facial promotes deep hydration, detoxification and firming of the skin. This facial helps to reduce inflammation, redness, and breakouts, while leaving the skin looking radiant and deeply nourished.

Dermalogica Facial

$140 – 60 Min.
$190 – 90 Min.

Dermalogica is the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers. For over 25 years, they’ve been dedicated to delivery skin health results through education and professional recommendation. Their products are free of common irritants and ingredients that can cause breakouts (including lanolin, alcohol, mineral oil, artificial colours and fragrances).

  • Dermalogica AGE Smart Facial
  • Dermalogica Ultra Calming Facial
  • Dermalogica Customized Facial

Dermalogica’s AGE Smart Facial addresses the signs of aging with a revolutionary approach to skin care, targeting the biochemical reactions that manifest skins aging, as well as pre-existing conditions such as wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Restores collagen and elastin, leaving skin smoother, firmer and healthier.

Our AGE Smart Facials include a detailed face mapping, double cleansing, exfoliation and customized mask within a series of warm towels and steam. Massage is present throughout the treatment focusing on tension in the neck and shoulders.

Men’s Customized Facial

$140 – 60 Min.
$190 – 90 Min.

Designed especially for men. Focuses on the protection and restoration of skin damaged by sun exposure and aging. Your skin care technician begins by deeply cleansing the skin, exfoliating and applying serums and steam. A customized masque is applied targeting your skin’s specific needs.

For best results, please shave prior to treatment.

Signature Ritual

$215 – 120 Min.

This four-phase spa experience is the height of healing, relaxation and detoxification.

Phase one is a gentle Green Tea and Seaweed Salt Glow body exfoliation, with benefits that include evening skin tone and suppleness, while aiding in detoxification.

Phase two is a soothing mineral soak in The SPA’s signature hydrotherapy massage bath, enhanced with aromatherapy oils to contour and detoxify the body.

Phase three brings full body relaxation with an aromatic massage.

Phase four completes the experience with a private Canadian Glacial Clay steam shower. This healing ritual imparts a total sense of well-being and rejuvenation.

Your treatment culminates with warm peppermint towels placed on the feet to enliven the spirit.

Seaweed Ritual

$215 – 120 Min.

The SPA Seaweed Ritual begins with a full body Seaweed Salt Glow exfoliation, which aids in detoxification and stimulates circulation in the body. Your therapist will then cocoon you in a soothing Algae Wrap, a natural product that is deeply nourishing to the skin and is high in vitamins and minerals. While in this relaxing state you will receive a head and shoulder massage followed by a Seaweed Eye Treatment.

This treatment is completed by a 30-40 minute full body relaxation massage and glacial clay steam shower.

Be sure to include time before your treatment to indulge yourself in our Spa Garden.

Exfoliating Body Scrub

$150 – 70 Min.

Enjoy a Green Tea and Seaweed Salt Glow Body Exfoliation, a treatment that is known to rejuvenate skin cells, stimulate circulation and promote detoxification in the body. Added benefits also include evening tone and suppleness of the skin.

After a warm shower to remove the product your treatment will continue with a 40 minute relaxation massage followed by a Canadian Glacial Clay Steam Shower. Leave The SPA feeling body beautiful!

Clay Wrap

$150 – 70 Min.

Wrap your body in the healing and purifying properties of Thai White Clay. The SPA’s therapists will drape you in this lavish, mineral rich, detoxifying clay, then wrap natural saa paper and cocoon you in warmth. Relax in this blissful state as you receive a neck and scalp massage.

After a warm shower to remove the product you will return to finish your treatment with a 30 minute relaxation massage followed by a Canadian Glacial Clay Steam Shower.

Lavender Mango Body Wrap

$160 – 70 Min.

Cocoon yourself in a warmed butter rich wrap that infuses moisture, addresses dry, sensitive and irritated areas, promotes calm and deeply nourishes. This three phase treatment has also shown to help ease symptoms of menopause, improve skin’s elasticity while offering the ultimate in relaxation.

Phase one starts with the application of our Beauty through Balance Lavender Mango Body Masque. While your skin is nurtured with this wrap, you will receive a shoulder, neck and scalp massage.

Phase two includes a refreshing and cleansing rinse in our glacial steam shower, using a Lavender & Olive Rich Cleanser.

Phase three beings with a 30 minute relaxation massage using massage oil. A final touch of Lavender Soy Lotion completes this treatment.

Signature Manicure

$80 – 60 Min.

Nails and cuticles are cleaned and shaped, followed by a scrub to remove dry skin, and a hand massage with our natural, ultra rich hand cream. In addition to the shine of fresh polish, a full size Spa Ritual Gold nail lacquer is yours to keep for touch ups at home. This signature manicure will leave your hands cleansed, polished and renewed.

Signature Pedicure

$105 – 75 Min.

Submerge your feet in a warm sea salt bath and relax in The SPA’s massaging pedicure chair. Your skilled Esthetician will detail your cuticles and smooth out rough edges. This Signature treatment includes an exfoliation and extended massage, designed to relieve tension and stimulate circulation. A finishing touch of polish completes your pedicure and a full size Spa Ritual Gold nail lacquer is yours to keep for touch ups at home.

Shellac Manicure

$75 – 75 Min.

Nails and cuticles are cleaned and shaped, followed by a scrub to remove dry skin, and a hand massage with our natural, ultra rich hand cream. Perfectly applied gel polish will extend the life of your manicure.

Shellac Pedicure

$95 – 90 Min.

Submerge your feet in a warm sea salt bath and relax in The SPA’s massaging pedicure chair. Your skilled Esthetician will detail your cuticles and smooth out rough edges. Perfectly applied gel polish will extend the life of your pedicure.

Mani / Pedi Enhancements

French Polish – $20
Paraffin Wax – $20
Shellac Removal: $20 – 10 Min.

Relax & Rejuvenate in the Serenity of Painted Boat’s Spa Garden

Nestled among the towering conifers, our lush, meditative Spa Garden is a tranquil oasis for guests. The serenity uplifts your spirits while soothing your mind and body.

Journey through the Spa Garden and alternate between hot and cold, known to be a powerful tool for rejuvenation and rehabilitation:

  • sauna
  • outdoor glacial rain shower
  • multi-jet hot pool with massaging waterfall
  • warm salt-water floatation pool
  • outdoor fire pit

Spa Garden passes are complimentary with any of our spa treatments.

For individuals or groups wanting to access the Spa Garden without a spa treatment, two hour passes are available for $40 per person. Advance reservations via the front desk are required a minimum of 24 hours in advance and are subject to availability.

Maximum number of guests in the SPA Garden is 20 people at any time.

“A Lovely Resort & Spa”

“A lovely resort and spa – we especially appreciated the Spa Garden. The staff were very friendly and helpful and the food at the restaurant was delicious.”

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